Friday, October 2, 2009

Tattoos and Piercing

Worship Tattoos

If you are a supporter of free life, if in your veins flows the rough blood and love for motorcycles, rock and heavy metal music, then it is completely natural to you, that you do not mind having eternal drawing on the body - a tattoo or puncture the soft parts of the body, popularly called piercing. Tattooing is a permanent inclination of the natural pigment in the skin. In this way the tattoo master creates the image on the skin at the desired subjects. But how a man, who is not from these story and dealing with an entirely different things and have other preferences, to convince the tattoo and piercing are not a synonym for something dirty and evil and that it is a way of worshiping the body, represented in all cultures and civilizations for centuries back. A tattoo is part of the religious act in many cultures, and the piercing is well-known ritual detail of many tribal peoples. People have always tended to mark them in a peculiar manner and thus differ from each other. Tattooing is now very widespread in Western Europe and in the America.

Worship Tattoos

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